Feral Arts

feral - adj: existing in a wild, uncultivated State

Feral Arts is an arts and cultural development company based on the beautiful, unceded Kabi Kabi lands of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. We acknowledge elders past, present and emerging. Feral Arts respects the artistic and cultural rights of all people, and we acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as Australia’s First Peoples and original cultures, and the proper starting point for arts and cultural development in this country.

Feral Arts’ current program, Light Industry (www.lightindustry.net) is a multi-sector project establishing the Light Industry studio as a unique new Circular Economy and Creative Community Hub on the Sunshine Coast. 


The project is being developed as a pilot for a larger, national program underpinned by the vision of industrial estates and manufacturing precincts across the country being activated, revitalised and renewed by local artists and creatives. It is designed to leverage the unique skills of independent artists as a part of the working community to engage local businesses, build networks, experiment, make and recycle – connect, create, renew! 


Over the next six years, Light Industry is designed to connect the arts and creative sector with the manufacturing and light industry across all three tiers of government. It will coordinate with federal priorities in manufacturing, climate change, sustainability and circular economies, contributing to the implementation of Revive, as a whole-of-government national cultural policy.